Tek Check: Break

Hi there! Market season is quick approaching which means I’ll have less time to post to this blog so I’m taking a break for now. For how long? Until I have more content and time to post it or if someone pays me, whichever comes first. Thanks for checking out my mushroom blog! Don’t be afraid to touch mush!

Tek Check 8: Pretty Mycelium & Baby Maitake

Pink oyster mushroom on corn for grain spawn if I remember correctly.

Delicious winecaps that never came to be. I will keep this reminder to try again later. :*)
Some thick rope like mycelium growing in a jar grow set up. Looks like a frosted snacc.
I tried growing Maitake mushrooms but they took forever to finally fruit and when they did, they only got about this big before aborting and being attacked by mold. They now reside in the patio box to be buried later.

My Pissy Fungi

Today’s post is dedicated to fungi enzymes. They secrete it to digest their food, but here in the grow room, we jokingly call it mushroom piss. Here is a gallery of pissy would-be mushrooms.

Oh hey buddy, what’s going on in he–oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to walk in on you. Whoopsy doopsy. . .

This mushroom grow bag is more pissy than the line to bar’s bathroom at closing time. Whattya doin’?!
It might look like a delightful morning dew, but nope. Mushroom piss.
Oh? Is that so? Is that great? Pissing all over yourself like that? Fantastic, just fantastic…
Otherworldly jeweled piss. Still a pissy fungi, albeit a pretty one. (Lion’s Mane Mushroom)

The Maitake too?! Oh, c’mon man! That’s so much! Ugh!

Oh, jeez, it’s all over the place! Go clean yourself up! Get it together dude!

(ᕑᗢूᓫ∗) Hahaha. Yes, very professional, we know.

Mushrooms About Portland: A walk in Northwest

How do you find a mushroom? Wait for the right conditions, then you go out looking for them of course! Here in Oregon, they’re everywhere, even downtown in unexpected places. You never know where you might find a mushroom…

I found this artists’ bracket growing on a tree at the Park blocks, fittingly enough, only about a block from the local art school. It was too far up the tree to reach though so I left it alone.
On broadway bridge, you can find lichen which feed on bird droppings and paint. They’ll be here a lot longer than us, for sure.
I forgot where I found this baby shelf fungus, but it was somewhere around the same area of downtown Portland. Somewhere between the Park Blocks and Fields Park.
At Fields park I saw these, which I’d never seen before, bird nest fungi! How fun.

If you’re around Portland and spot a mushroom, you should take a pic and share it on iNaturalist. 🙂

Tek Check 7: Chestnut Mushrooms, They’re Smart!

I finally did it! I finally grew an aesthetically pleasing bunch of delicious mushrooms! It only took a few months! These are chestnut mushrooms! Aren’t they cute!? I love their shape, their color (which they keep even when you cook them), and of course the way they wiggle when you poke them! Ah! Let’s take a look at this grow…

I grew a few bags of these, some of which I gave to my neighbor and friends. This picture here is of chestnut oyster pins in my neighbor’s bag. Theirs ended up growing larger than mine, but in a lesser quantity, and from what I heard made a spore mess on their table.

Here were the baby mushroom pins from my first bag of chestnut mushrooms.

Oh, they’re poppin’! They look a bit like popcorn here, no? Just me? Me and my fungi…
Look at these guys! They did such a good grow! I’m so proud of them! What a great mushroom!

Not only are they super cute, tasty, and easy to grow, Chestnut Mushrooms are SMART! That’s right! Intelligent fungi! Here, let me show you what happened with my bag, because it’s freaky and cool…

This bunch of mushrooms grew two mushrooms growing towards the bottom, which prevented the top-heavy bag from falling forwards. Now let me ask you this; HOW?! How did these mushrooms know how to do that?! How is it that this fungi is paying more attention to its environment than I am for its care? AMAZING! Seeing this really blew my mind. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, to be honest. These mushrooms are always full of wonderful surprises! I love them so much!!!
OMG, YOU’RE THE BEST! :*) I love you mushroom!

Mochi Tek Jar Experiment

I had read about pf tek mushroom grows, but I didn’t have any brown rice flour around…but I did have mochiko (glutenous sweet white rice flour) and some time on my hands. My first thought was “That will probably make a mess!” My second thought was “Screw it! Let’s do it anyways!” And finally “It will probably turn out too thick, but we’ll try it out anyways”

I mixed white rice flour, vermiculite, and water, put it into a shallow jar, and threw it in the pressure cooker along with a taller jar that was oat flour, water, & vermiculite. I didn’t make a mess, but it was definitely a very hard…thing I was left with. I inoculated them with pink oyster mushroom live culture and to my surprise, they started to grow after a few days.

In a couple of weeks, both jars now had a nice coat of fluffy fungi mycelium. When they looked like frosted little snacks, I put them in my grow room, excited to see if they’d grow anything at all. It was fun to watch them changing day by day.

Hello there! Sure enough, we got some pins. They would pop up then not grow. This process happened a couple of times in the shallow jar.
This is about as big as they got growing inside the jar. Definitely not the right conditions for pink oyster mushrooms, but fun to try. They’re still super cute.
The taller jar yielded some larger mushrooms, and it was cool watching them grow inside the jar itself.
Eventually the mochi tek jar stopped producing mushrooms. What I was most impressed with is that during the whole process, it never got contaminated even though the jar was open for a lot of the time. I wonder if mochi-tek could be an option to create cakes for inoculating larger mushroom grow bags. Just an idea. I might try this experiment again another time with another species of mushroom.
Mushroom science, or whatever. Haha. Try it out for yourself.

Tek Check 6: Blue Oyster Mushroom Trumpet Deformity

I tried to get a second flush out of those blue oyster mushroom blocks. These guys turned out more like something you’d see on the ocean floor than in a forest. Instead of fanning out, they took on a trumpet shape. Aside from trumpet mushrooms, have you seen such a trumpet looking fungi?

The stems are quite tough, so there wasn’t much to eat here. I could at least use it for a craft project of some sort.
I ended up drying this odd mushroom, and added it to my jar of dried ones.
What an interesting shape for a blue oyster mushroom!

Mushrooms About Portland: Mycena/Brittlestems at Fields Park

Double Arch action on a rainy Portland day. Today we’re in the Northwest’s Pearl District, at Fields Park, to take a look at some cute patches of mushrooms that I found. 🙂

Heck! There are some little brown mushrooms now! They’re always popping up after the rain in this area.
Not sure what species of fungi they are, but they’re cute as heck!
Some of the mushrooms grow in aesthetic bunches, a little mushy family.

Some mushrooms like to go it alone.

Some mushrooms just want to party, with deceivers!

Usually a place where people walk their dogs and play sports on the field itself, Fields Park is also home to a variety of mushrooms and fungi. Semi-regular fairy wonderlands that come and go with the rains.
If you’re in the neighborhood, we’re sure they wouldn’t mind you stopping by to say hi.

Failed Winecap Mushroom Patio Box

Another one of my earlier ideas/experiences was trying to grow winecap mushrooms in a box I built for my patio. I put spores on oat berries and the mycelium smelled fantastic! Unfortunately, it would not grow a mushroom.
I made a makeshift mushroom bed for my patio using assorted recycled materials. When the spawn was ready, I planted it between the substrate.
It was cool to see the mycelium grow, it seemed pretty aggressive and was growing fine until it was attacked by green trich mold, which destroyed the whole thing, preventing any fruiting mushrooms.
And that was that. Once it all dried out, I dumped the contents into another box for compost. I kept the built box though and plan on burying my spent blocks I’m working on right now in it, along with some flowers probably. I definitely plan on trying to grow winecap mushrooms again eventually, they smell yummy and I’ve never had one! >:9