Hello! This is Portland artist Mel Paradise! You know me from Portland Saturday Market and Pop Culture conventions all over the country. What you might not have known is that for the last 4 years I’ve been dealing with some pretty serious health issues. I was in therapy for that time, but reached a point of treatment fatigue and started looking for alternative treatments. That’s when I stumbled upon mushrooms, I mean, they’ve always been there, I’d just never taken the time to get to know them, not really. While I’d initially looked into them for health reasons, I quickly became captivated by their cute strangeness, and their essential-to-our-existence nature. In April of 2021 I committed to learning how to grow mushrooms and now plan on selling them at local markets starting next spring, given everything goes to plan. This blog is to bring you along on my micro mushrooming journey. Also in the meantime, I’ve been doing lots of mushroomy crafts too, check those out on Etsy. I’m very busy with running my shop(s) and now also growing mushrooms so I’ll be updating this blog whenever I have time to.

Welcome to my Mushroom Blog